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THEMA: Update 1.5 Changelog

Update 1.5 Changelog 2 Jahre 3 Monate her #7652

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- New Abarth 595esseesse and S1, S2 upgrades
- New Ford Mustang GT 2015
- New Corvette C7 Stingray
- New Black Cat County track
- Nurburgring gp circuit updated
- Nurburgring gp circuit now with 4 layouts
- Silverstone circuit updated
- Monza circuit updated
- Spa circuit updated
- Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit updated
- Nurburgring Nordschleife endurance cup layout added
- Mugello circuit updated
- Magione circuit updated
- Imola circuit updated
- Drift circuit updated
- Vallelunga circuit updated
- Vallelunga classic layout added
- Vallelunga circuit (all layouts) now has 24 car slots
- Activated time progression in Multiplayer
- All cars updated to Tyre Model 7
- Pitstop are now available in single player races
- Damage is now visible in Multiplayer mode for remote cars
- Launcher: steam overlay support disabled due to stability issues
- Launcher: re-instated multi-process mode for CEF due to stability issues
- Launcher: changes to memory usage policy, more aggressive memory releasing thresholds
- Fixed Lamborghini Miura gearbox damage
- Updated drivetrain upshift and downshift timings for all cars
- F6 inside cameras use internal sounds
- Free camera now honours distance multiplier for sound attenuation
- Of all Drivable cameras only Cockpit uses internal sounds
- Transmission sound can have its own volume (by default it shares engine volume, otherwise it uses the TRANSMISSION value set in audio.ini)
- Gearshift sound shares engine volume
- Backfire sound shares engine volume
- Fixed car sound when bottoming out
- Realtime app shows lapped guys (blue) and lapping guys (green)
- Fixed FuelLapEvaluation function
- Fixed fuel consumption on turbo engines
- Fixed inconsistency on UI tech specs
- Modding : added FormCamera functionality to associate internal/external soundset
- Modding : added console commands "observeLights" and "observeFlames" (work as observeDigital); EDIT_MODE is deprecated
- Modding : added Digital Instrument KERS_CHARGE (percentage)
- Modding : added Digital Instrument TOTAL_LAPS (if session is not race then "---")
- Modding : added Digital Instrument CURRENT_LAP
- Modding : added Digital Instrument EST_LAPS (if est is less than 0 then "--.-")
- Modding : added Digital Instrument AMBIENT_TEMP
- Modding : added Digital Instrument FUEL_CONS (UNITS: MPG_UK, MPG_US, L100 or "Kms per Liter" if missing)
- Modding : added Digital Instrument PLACE_HOLDER to avoid fixed digits on texture (use TEXT)
- Modding : added ON_BOARD_LOOKBACK_OFFSET in car.ini
- All tyres now use V7 with brand new heating values (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
- All tyres now use V7 with brand new falloff level and speed (beta: except Exos F1 tyres yet)
- Changed all tyres flex and pressure relation.
- Changed all tyres footprint and pressure relation
- Modified global aero efficiency with yaw angle. Works on all cars
- Added new aero.ini version=3 with new YAW_CL_GAIN values that can stall wings depending on yaw angle
- Yaw angle stalling wings and diffusers for GT2/GT3 cars and Mercedes C9 and Lotus 98T
- All GT2/GT3 cars now have minimum height 55mm
- 200,400,500,1000,2000 meters drag circuits now available
- Modding : ksPreviewBuilder added to sdk/dev folder
- Python Interface:
- initFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
- setCustomFont(fontfamily, italic, bold)
- getCameraMode()
- setCameraMode(acsys.CM)
- getCameraCarCount(carId)
- setCameraCar(F6 camera index, carId)
- focusCar(carId)
- getFocusedCar()
- getServerName()
- getServerIP()
- getServerHttpPort()
- getServerSlotsCount()
- isCarInPitline(carId)
- isCarInPit(carId)
- isConnected(carId)
- getCarBallast(carId)
- getCarState(carId)
- eKersCharge
- eKersInput
- totally revamped backfire system (will not break mods)
- added new F1 "dash camera" and "Chase camera #2"
- CameraManager : fixed issue globalCameraIndex
- Fixed Camera selection on Replay Interface
- Fixed CameraApp to reflect Dash and Chase changes
- Fixed Camera system messages
- Fixed Random camera wrong cameras + message
- added CameraOnBoard offset to avoid car parts on view
- added new driver model with lod
- added Fuel Lut to solve issues with several cars gauges
- SharedMemory : added new members
- SPageFilePhysics
float turboBoost = 0;
float ballast = 0;
float airDensity = 0;
- SPageFileGraphic
int isInPitLine = 0;
float surfaceGrip = 0;
- SPageFileStatic
float maxTurboBoost = 0;
float airTemp = 0;
float roadTemp = 0;
bool penaltiesEnabled = false;
float aidFuelRate = 0;
float aidTireRate = 0;
float aidMechanicalDamage = 0;
bool aidAllowTyreBlankets = false;
float aidStability = 0;
bool aidAutoClutch = false;
bool aidAutoBlip = false;
- fixed several cars still featuring dashboard "floating" digits
- fixed car scraping volume
- added first implementation of Force Feedback Post Processing (docs in cfg/ff_post_process.ini)
- improved camber calculations
- improved tyre heating on low friction surfaces (grass,sand etc)
- added new "Tyres" app
- Server lap counters and lap times are now 16 bit unsigned ints allowing super long sessions/races
- Ford GT40 fuel tank position fixed
- revamp of all digital displays and script
- revamp of analogue gauges
- Lamborghini Huracan GT3 3D model tweaks
- Lotus Exige S model tweaks
- Various LOD fixes across the entire vehicle content
- BMW M3 GT2 3D model tweaks
- Roof on the LaFerrari is now customizeable
- Emissive values tweaked on some cars to improve visibility with PP off
- Various skin issues fixed
- PP preset improvements
- Improved AI behavior in traffic

- Fixed wrong export on Spa

- Fixed car reset to pits in wrong way happening even with penalities off
- Fixed crash on 32bit version when using TyreApp
- Fixed track map for Nordschleife Endurance Cup
- Possible fix for audio related crash in Brands Hatch and Silverstone

- Fixed Barcelona requiring wrong DLC to start
- Lotus Evora S and S2 model and digital script updated
- Lotus Evora GTE and GTE Carbon model and digital script updated
- Ferrari 458GT2 model, lights and digital script updated
- BMW M4 dash light tweaked
- Abarth 595 (stock, S1, S2) dash light tweaked
- added template 2016_driver in dev
- added old driver model in sdk/dev/content/old_v1.4_driver

- Fixed motion blur on F6 cameras
- Added support for fahrenheit readings in Tyres App. (set system/cfg/tyres_app.ini [OPTIONS] USE_FAHRENHEIT=1)
- Fixed Corvette C7 Stingray Throttle response and Engine output on low revs
- Some Balance of Performance for Ferrari 458 GT2, more might needed
- BMW GT2 and C7R now have Traction control available with different levels as the 458 GT2. Obviously can be disabled by server.
- Steering geometry improved for drift cars as well some small details here and there.
- Fixed Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 Kers exceeding engine revlimiter
- slick tyre texture bug fixed on various racing cars
- low-res skin previews fixed

- MODDING: BRAKE_POWER_MULT setup option is now correctly expressed in % and can be used for modded content
- Fixed typo on Lotus 98T soft compound slipangle value
- Fixed Lotus 98T engine limiter sound for higher rev limiter than default
- Fixed bad naming on Lotus Exos S1 medium and hard heat curves
- Modified Drift cars steering lock.
- Bugfixing and optimization on Imola, Silverstone, Vallelunga, Spa, Black Cat County circuits
- Improved smoothness of AI driving style
- Improved collisions in multiplayer
- Improved AI fuel planning strategies
- Fixed tatuusfa1 at vallelunga hardcoded achievement
- Added bonnet and bumper internal/external sound switch on Volume App

- Fixed issues with black mirrors on several cars
- Fixed LaFerrari digital instrument dummy
- Fixed tyre texture on several cars
- Tyre App customizable colors (system/cfg/tyres_app.ini)

- Fixed end race GUI with Post Processing off
- Fixed Alfa 155 rev limiter sound
- Realtime app tweaked for visibility
- Tyre app : customizable wear colors
- F5 camera plays external sounds
- ksPreviewManager : now it's using a file switcher to keep max rendering settings
- ksEditor : fixed error in saving kn5 of a car project
- Rebalanced special events for Tyre Model 7
- Improved timing and removed "smoothing" messages on acServer

- Tweaked tracks reverb levels
- Tweaked Corvette C7 Stingray idle and exterior volumes
- Tweaked Ferrari 458 GT2 exterior volume
- Tweaked P4/5 Competizione limiter sound
- Fixed Steam achievements limit
- Several special events (quick race mode) have been rebalanced because of AI improvements

- reverted Realtime app
- Audio : hit and scrape sounds use surface volume
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Bei den ganzen Dingen, die KS da bearbeitet hat, kann man sich nur wundern, wie die Jungs das Alles geschafft haben, beim Pizzaessen und Nudeln schlürfen..?! :P

Bin begeistert... :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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